§ 36-16  Centralization of Procurement Authority.
   (A)   Transfer of functions.  All rights, power, duties and authority relating to the procurement of supplies, services and construction, and the management, control, warehousing, sale and disposal of supplies, services and construction now vested in or exercised by any using department, regardless of source of funding, are hereby transferred to the City Administrator and the Purchasing Agent.
   (B)   Relationship with using departments.  The Purchasing Agent shall obtain expert advice and assistance from personnel of using departments in the development of specifications and may delegate in writing to a using department the approval and authority to prepare and utilize its own specifications.
   (C)   Collection of data concerning procurement.  The Purchasing Agent shall cooperate with the Financial Service Director in the preparation of statistical data concerning the procurement, usage and disposal of all supplies, services and construction.  All using departments shall furnish such reports as the Purchasing Agent may require concerning usage, needs and stocks on hand, and the Purchasing Agent shall have authority to prescribe forms to be used by the using departments in requisitioning, ordering and reporting of supplies, services and construction.
('80 Code, § 12-42)  (Ord. 2018, passed 6-17-81)