§ 33-02  Nomination for City Office by Petition.
   (A)   Pursuant to Art. IV, § 6 of the City Charter, the City Clerk is hereby directed to make available to all candidates for any city office a petition form for nomination at a primary election.  Said nomination form is to contain the signatures of qualified electors of the city aggregating not less than three percent nor more than five percent of the total number of valid ballots cast at the last preceding general municipal election.  Said petitions shall be made available to the candidates at least ten days prior to the first date on which petitions may be presented to the City Clerk.
   (B)   Said petitions may be presented to the City Clerk not earlier than 120 days nor later than 90 days before the date set for the primary election.
   (C)   The City Clerk is hereby directed to certify the petition indicating that the required number of signatures of qualified electors has been obtained and said certification shall cause a candidate's name to be printed on the ballot.
('80 Code, § 10-3)  (Ord. 2142, passed 8-3-83; Am. Ord. O98-78, passed 10-14-98; Am. Ord. O2002-58, passed 11-6-02)