Sec. 3.  Municipal judge.
   (a)   There shall be a Municipal Judge who shall be elected from the City at large.  Commencing with the elections held in 1973, and at the biennial elections held every four (4) years, thereafter, a Municipal Judge shall be elected who shall serve a term of four (4) years.  On and after January 1, 1995, at such time as City Council shall deem necessary, other Municipal Judges shall be elected, at staggered elections, for a term of four years.  The Municipal Judges shall receive at stated times, a compensation to be fixed by ordinance by the City Council, which compensation shall not be increased or diminished after their election or during their term of office. 
(Sp. Elec. 12/7/93)
   (b)   The chief officer of the Municipal Court shall be the Presiding Judge who shall be elected commencing with the elections held in 2009. 
(Sp. Elec. 12/7/93; Sp. Elec. 11/6/07)
   (c)   The qualifications for election to the position of presiding judge shall be the same as for pro tem judges set forth in Article VI, Section 31 of the Arizona Constitution. 
(Sp. Elec. 11/6/07)
   (d)   The qualifications of municipal judges other than the presiding judge shall be: at least 30 years of age, of good moral character with no felony convictions, and, in addition to the requirements of the Yuma City Charter, Article VI, Section 13, be a resident of the city for at least five (5) years preceding the day of election or appointment. 
(Sp. Elec. 11/6/07)