A.   No person, partnership, or corporation shall operate a commercial animal establishment or animal shelter or sentry dog business without first obtaining a permit in compliance with this chapter and local and state law. This does not apply to privately owned, not for hire ranches.
   B.   All commercial animal establishments shall comply with town and state laws regarding proper care and maximum number of animals.
   C.   Prior to setting up any commercial animal establishment, the property owner or lessee shall first obtain all applicable permits through the town of Yucca Valley community development department.
   D.   When a permit applicant has shown that he/she is willing and able to comply with the regulations, a permit shall be issued upon payment of the applicable fee.
   E.   The permit period shall be effective for one year. Renewal applications for permits shall be made thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the permit. Application for a permit to establish a new commercial animal establishment under the provisions of this chapter may be made at any time.
   F.   If there is a change in ownership of a commercial animal establishment, the new owner may have the current permit transferred to his name upon payment of a transfer fee as determined by resolution of the town council.
   G.   Annual permits shall be issued upon payment of the applicable fee as determined by resolution of the town council.
   H.   Every facility regulated by this chapter shall be considered a separate enterprise requiring an individual permit.
   I.   Persons operating kennels for the breeding of dogs shall license all dogs individually.
   J.   No fee may be required of any veterinary hospital or animal shelter, or government operated zoological park.
   K.   Failure to obtain a commercial animal establishment permit before opening any facility covered in this section shall result in a fine to be established by resolution of the town council.
   L.   Any person who changes the category under which a permit was issued shall be subject to a reclassification and readjustment of the permit fee.
   M.   After an application for a permit is filed, the animal control officer shall inspect the facility prior to the issuance of a commercial animal establishment permit to ensure compliance with all applicable standards of care.
   N.   Any person whose permit or license is revoked shall, within thirty (30) days thereafter, sell place or humanely dispose of all animals owned, kept, or harbored under the revoked permit or license. No part of the permit or license fee shall be refunded.
   O.   It shall be a condition of the issuance of any permit or license that the animal control officer, subject to law, shall be permitted at any reasonable time to inspect all animals and the premises where animals are kept and, if permission for such inspection is refused, may revoke the permit or license of the refusing owner.
   P.   If the applicant has withheld or falsified any information on the application, animal control services may refuse or revoke a commercial animal establishment permit.
   Q.   No person who has been convicted of cruelty to animals shall be issued a permit or license to operate a commercial animal establishment.
   R.   Any person having been denied a license or permit may not reapply for a period of thirty (30) days. A fee as established by resolution of the town council shall accompany each reapplication. (Ord. 138, 5-15-2003)