A.   Quarantine Of Biting Animals: Any animal which bites a human shall be quarantined in accordance with state and local law.
   B.   Confinement Of Biting Animals: Upon receipt of a report that a person has been bitten by an animal subject to rabies, animal control services is empowered to enter upon any private property, including the home or residence where the biting animal is kept or has strayed, to inspect and strictly isolate, and to seize and impound if necessary, in a place and manner approved by the animal control officer, any such animal.
   C.   Unlawful Removal Of Quarantined Animal: It shall be unlawful for any person to remove from any place of isolation or quarantine, any animal which has been isolated or quarantined under the provisions of this chapter, without the consent and approval of the animal control officer.
   D.   Costs Incurred: Whenever any such owned biting animal is quarantined, all expenses incurred in its confinement shall be the liability of the owner, possessor or custodian of such biting animal.
   E.   Posting Of Quarantine Sign: It shall be unlawful for anyone to obstruct the posting of a quarantine sign or to remove or destroy such a posted sign prior to the end of the quarantine period of such animal unless approved by the animal control officer.
   F.   Preventive Measures Authorized: If animal control services determines that an animal has bitten a human being or animal, animal control services shall have the authority to order any preventive measures necessary, as described in this chapter.
   G.   Seizure Authorized: Animal control services shall have the authority to seize and impound any animal should the owner; caretaker or keeper of the animal fail to comply with the provisions of this chapter and applicable state and local law.
   H.   Additional Confinement: Quarantined animals may be held an additional time period if so determined by the animal control officer for reasons of public and animal safety or in cases pending public nuisance, potentially dangerous or vicious dogs or in accordance to any other applicable codes of this chapter or state law. (Ord. 138, 5-15-2003)