10.02.010: Definitions
10.02.020: Mandatory Licensing
10.02.030: Restraint And Control Of Animals
10.02.040: Humane Animal Traps
10.02.050: Animal Bites And Quarantine Of Animals
10.02.060: Impoundment Of Animals
10.02.070: Animal Care
10.02.080: Animal Waste
10.02.090: Disposition Of Dead Animals
10.02.100: Preventive Measures Program
10.02.110: Public Nuisance Animals
10.02.120: Potentially Dangerous And Vicious Dogs
10.02.130: Performing Animal Exhibitions And Circuses
10.02.140: Registration And Care For The Keeping Of Exotic Animals
10.02.150: Commercial Animal Establishment Permits; Issuance And Revocation
10.02.160: Sentry Dog Owners And Businesses; Permits, Registration And Care Requirements
10.02.170: Violations Declared A Nuisance
10.02.175: Pit Bulls
10.02.180: Report; Hearing On Assessment
10.02.190: Assessment Of Costs And Lien Against Property
10.02.200: Enforcement
10.02.210: Penalties