A.   Parking Space Dimensions: Each off street parking stall shall consist of minimum dimensions identified in table 3-11, "Parking Spaces Dimensions", of this section, including standard spaces and compact spaces.
      TABLE 3-11
Parking Space
Number Of Required Spaces
Other Requirements
Standard parking space
9 ft.
19 ft.
See tables 3-4 to 3-9 of this chapter
Compact space
71/2 ft.
15 ft.
In parking lots which exceed 10 spaces' capacity and serve nonresidential uses, 25% of the required spaces may be allocated for compact parking
All compact spaces shall be clearly marked and be posted with signs stating "Compact Cars Only"
   B.   Wheel Stops: Any parking adjacent to any building or structure, wall, or fence shall have wheel stops not less than six inches (6") in height and a distance not less than three feet (3') from said building or structure, wall, or fence.
   C.   Striping: Individual parking stalls shall be clearly striped and permanently maintained with double or hairpin lines on the surface of the parking facility, with the two (2) lines being located an equal nine inches (9") on either side of the stall sidelines.
   D.   Minimum Aisle Widths:
      1.   One-Way Traffic: One-way access drives leading to aisles within a parking area shall be a minimum width of twelve feet (12'), and within the aisles as shown in table 3-12, "One-Way Traffic Standards", of this section.
      TABLE 3-12
Parking Stall Angle
Minimum Aisle
1 to 45
46 to 60
61 to 90
      2.   Two-Way Traffic: The aisles and the two-way access drives leading to aisles within a parking area shall be a minimum width of twenty six feet (26').
      3.   Fire Department Requirements: Drive aisle widths shall comply with all fire department requirements, which may result in modifications to the standards listed in table 3-12 of this section.
   E.   Paving: All off street parking and loading areas for commercial and industrial development and outdoor vehicle sales areas, including driveways, aisles, turning and maneuvering areas and parking spaces shall be paved with not less than two and one- half inches (21/2") of asphalt concrete or an equivalent surfacing and shall be graded and drained so as to dispose of all surface water, and shall be maintained in good repair.
   F.   Lighting/Security: All parking areas shall be well lit with sufficient lighting to illuminate all areas for security and safety and shall comply with the provisions of title 8, chapter 8.70, "Outdoor Lighting", of this code.
   G.   Buffering: All street frontage parking shall have a three foot (3') high wall, solid hedge or landscape berm or a combination thereof or an alternate buffer may be used subject to approval of the director, to buffer off street parking, loading areas, and outdoor sales display areas. The buffer shall be measured from the grade of the parking, loading, outdoor sales area and in the case of hedges, shall be situated at the rear of the landscape setback. This subsection shall not apply to single-family residence or a two-unit duplex.
   H.   Landscaping Required For More Than Twenty Spaces: Where more than twenty (20) parking spaces are required in a commercial, office, or multi-family zone, the parking area shall be landscaped a minimum five percent (5%) of the net off street parking area.
   I.   Shade Trees: Drought tolerant, desert compatible shade trees and other landscape material shall be included in the parking lot design in order to reduce the visual effects of large asphalt areas and to assist in improving the appearance of the property from street frontage.
   J.   Maintenance: Parking area shall be maintained at all times in a clean, neat, and orderly condition.
   K.   Accessibility: All spaces in a parking facility, except single-family and multi-family dwellings with up to two (2) dwellings, shall be accessible and all circulation shall be internal without reentering a public right of way unless it is determined by the director to be physically impossible to provide for such access. However, an alley may be used as maneuvering space for access to off street parking. Off street parking shall generally be located so as to be more convenient and accessible than on street parking with respect to entrances of buildings and pedestrian circulation on the site served.
   L.   Nonresidential Abutting Residential: Nonresidential parking, loading, or sales areas which abut residential land use districts, shall be separated by a solid fence or wall six feet (6') in height, measured from finish grade of parking lot. However, such fence or wall shall be reduced to a maximum four feet (4') in height within the required front or street side yard. Where no front or street side yard is required, such wall or fencing shall be four feet (4') high within ten feet (10') of the right of way.
   M.   Driveways: In single-family residential land use districts where the parcel abuts a paved street or road, the driveway shall be surfaced with a minimum of two inches (2") of road mixed surfacing, except for single-family residential uses on lots of eighteen thousand (18,000) square feet or larger, in which case the driveway shall be dustproof with materials which may include slag, gravel, or similar materials. (Ord. 254, 12-16-2014)