6.04.195   Animals or fowl which habitually make noise.
It shall be unlawful for any person owning or having control of one or more of any animal or fowl, either willfully or through failure to exercise proper control, to allow such animal or fowl to habitually bark, howl, crow, or make any other loud noises in such a manner as to cause general annoyance or discomfort to the inhabitants of a neighborhood and interfere with the reasonable and comfortable enjoyment of life or property, excluding noise from property not zoned for residential purposes (property without an “R” is its zoning classification). If more than one neighbor lives within two hundred (200) yards of such animal owner’s premises, complaints from at least two persons living in separate residences shall be evidence of such a public nuisance. If the owner or person having control over the animal or fowl fails, upon two weeks mailed notice by the city, to abate the nuisance, said owner or person shall be guilty of an infraction and a citation may be issued to the owner
or person having control of the animal or fowl. Each incident of reported nuisance noise shall constitute a separate offense after said two weeks notice. A civil action for abatement of a public nuisance may also be filed in the superior court by city enforcement officers, or in lieu of citation. The city may sue to enjoin the keeping and maintaining of animals or fowl which make such noise. Any court order or judgment issued in such a suit may include an order to city officers to impound the animal or fowl creating the noise and decree the disposition of the same. (Ord. 211 § 2, 2001: Ord. 181 § 2, 1998)