5.04.030   License and fee required— Exception.
A.   License and Fee Required. No person shall conduct any business in the city without first having obtained a business license, paid the appropriate license fee, and complied with any and all applicable provisions of this code. In any business where a county, state, federal license is required, such license shall be exhibited to the collector before a city business license is issued. Failure of the applicant for a business license to exhibit or be in actual possession of a county, state, or federal license or failure of the collector to verify the legitimacy or applicant’s possession of such license shall not constitute negligence on the part of the city.
B.   Exception. This section shall not be construed to require any person to obtain a business license where such requirement conflicts with applicable statutes of the United States or of the state of California. (Ord. 101 § 3, 1992)