Cattle, horses, goats, sheep, swine, poultry or other livestock may be kept and raised within the corporate limits of the town when the land upon which the animals are kept or raised is zoned F-Farming Zone or if the said land has not yet been zoned, except that no zoning change shall affect the right to keep or raise animals when the keeping or raising of animals was lawful before the zone change but, if the keeping or raising of animals cease after said zone change, then the keeping or raising of the above described animals shall be unlawful.
(1984 Code, § 6.06.010) (Ord. 51-1, passed 6-24-1952; Am. Ord. 52-3, passed 8-19-1985; Am. Ord. 133, passed 7-7-1976; Am. Ord. 170, passed 1-16-1979)