(A)   Every case of a human bitten by a dog, cat or other domestic or wild animal shall be reported promptly to the local health officer having jurisdiction or to his or her duly appointed, qualified and acting agent or representative. It shall be the duty of the local health officer immediately to investigate each reported bite by a dog, cat or other animal.
   (B)   Any dog, cat or domestic animal reported to have bitten an individual or suspected of being rabid shall be confined and held in observation for a period of not less than 14 days. Any dog which has been bitten by a dog known to have rabies shall be confined for a period of six months or be destroyed.
   (C)   Any confinement shall be at the owner’s expense.
   (D)   The actual confinement for the stated period shall be under the written and certified order and supervision of the State Veterinarian, the local health officer or a duly licensed or authorized agent or representative.
   (E)   The State Veterinarian, health officer, agent or representative shall have the authority under warranted circumstances as determined by that officer or agent to issue a written and certified order directing the immediate destruction of the animal known to be infected with or showing symptoms of rabies.
(Ord. 409, passed 7-17-2001)