(A)   Park hours. The parks of the town shall be open to the public from dawn until dusk each day, except that a park may be open during other hours for a town sanctioned event. No person other than town employees shall be permitted to remain therein, except when open as herein specified, and no person at any time shall enter or leave any park in any vehicle, except by the established entrances or drives. Persons may use park roadways after hours when leaving authorized functions held at any of the public parks in Yorktown.
    (B)   Defacing buildings, trees, and the like. No person shall write on, cut, mutilate or deface in any manner any building, fence, bench, masonry, ornament or tree or any public property in any public park.
   (C)   Vegetation.
      (1)   No person shall pull, pluck or break any flowers or fruit. No person shall cut down, girdle or break down any sapling, tree, shrub or plant, or handle or injure any trees, flowers, shrubs or plants whatsoever, or limbs, twigs or leaves thereof, or climb any tree in any public park.
      (2)   No person shall bring into the park any tree, shrub or plant, or any newly plucked branch or portion of a tree, shrub or plant, without proper authorization from park officials.
      (3)   No person shall go upon the grass, lawn or turf of any park where signs inscribed "Keep Off The Grass" have been posted.
   (D)   Possession and use of firearms. No person shall discharge any firearm or any other weapon (including but not limited to guns, air soft guns or rifles, b.b.guns, paint ball guns or bows).
   (E)   Conduct. No person shall use profane, obscene, threatening or abusive language, fight, throw any stone or missile, behave in any disorderly or improper manner or commit any offense against decency or good morals in any public park.
   (F)   Bicycles. Bicycles on the roadways of the public parks shall be controlled by the same rules which govern automobiles and must keep to the right when meeting the same. Passing from the rear to the front shall be done on the left side. Bicycles must not travel more than two abreast, nor without displaying a light in front, if it be one-half hour after sunset. When automobiles or bicycles meet, they shall keep to the right.
   (G)   Motorized vehicles. Motorized vehicles shall be driven only on the paved or stone roadways. Parking may be permitted in other areas when directed by town officials.
   (H)   Picnics. No unauthorized person shall intrude upon a picnic without the consent of those in charge of it, nor disturb any picnic within a park. Parties holding picnics in parks must clean up the ground that has been occupied by them and remove all paper and litter.
   (I)   Intoxicating beverages. No unauthorized person shall introduce any intoxicating beverages into any public park, either for his or her own use or for sale, or use, sell or give away the same, except as authorized by the Park Board, or by an authorized town official. If any intoxicating beverages are permitted to be sold, the sellers shall have or shall obtain proper licensing.
   (J)   Intoxicated persons. No intoxicated person shall be permitted within any public park.
   (K)   Signs, notices, and the like. No person shall paint, post or otherwise affix any bill, notice, sign or other paper upon any structure or thing within the parks, or upon any gates enclosing the same, or any part thereof, unless authorized by the appropriate town official.
   (L)   Swings on trees. No person shall attach a swing to any tree within any park without the consent of the appropriate town official.
   (M)   Women's restrooms. No male person, except employees, shall enter any toilet or restroom set apart for women within the park.
   (N)   Men's restrooms. No female person, except employees, shall enter any toilet or restroom set apart for men within the park.
   (O)   Powers of officers and employees. Officers of the Yorktown Marshal’s Department and park employees that are special deputies are hereby invested with powers to enforce these rules within the parks of Yorktown.
   (P)   Superintendent of parks. The Park Board may appoint a suitable person as Superintendent of the town parks.
   (Q)   Pets. All pets shall be on a leash, and the pet owner or person bringing any pet into the park shall immediately clean and remove the pet's excrement from the property.
(Ord. 512, passed 6-19-2006; Am. Ord. 689, passed 3-19-2012) Penalty, see § 90.99