The Economic Development Board shall have the following powers and duties:
   (A)   To acquire, hold, option and convey for consideration or by gift, real and personal property, leases, structures and facilities designed to promote and accomplish the purpose thereof;
   (B)   To make by-laws for the management and regulation of its affairs;
   (C)   To appoint committees and subcommittees;
   (D)   To enter into contracts consistent with the purposes of promoting and encouraging the economic development of the county; subject to the availability of funds for such purposes; and
   (E)   To establish and implement the policies and to carry on such projects as may be necessary or advisable to effect and carry out the purpose and objectives hereof; subject, however, to the availability of funds; provided, further, the board shall not make any agreement or contract involving or requiring an expenditure of funds in excess of those funds appropriated by the County Council or made available to the board from other sources.
(‘77 Code, § 14-10) (Ord. 35, passed 3-5-79)