The purpose and objectives of the Economic Development Board shall be:
   (A)   To conserve, restore and develop the natural and physical, human, social, economic and productive resources of the county;
   (B)   To promote and coordinate development efforts of local and state agencies, chambers of commerce, planning, research and development entities and public and private participation in development efforts;
   (C)   To promote and encourage industrial development, private business and commercial enterprise, agricultural production, industrial and commercial expansion and the utilization and investment of capital within the county;
   (D)   To promote and correlate federal, state and local activity in the planning of public works and economic development projects;
   (E)   To promote an improved system of transportation for the county involving the expansion of highway systems, railroad facilities, airport systems and other means;
   (F)   To assist the development of county, intrastate and interstate trade, commerce and markets for the county goods and products;
   (G)   To assist in establishing a favorable industrial, business and commercial climate;
   (H)   To work toward the expansion of employment opportunities and to insure stability in employment in the county;
   (I)   To devise ways and means, in cooperation with public and private participation, to advance the economic development of the county and to raise the living standards of its people.
(‘77 Code, § 14-9) (Ord. 35, passed 3-5-79)