The County Council, as the governing body of the county, finds that there was established and created by local resolution on November 29, 1972, under the authority granted by general law, a Planning Commission. The County Council further finds that there is a need for a Planning Commission to be continued in the foreseeable future, and that the state has mandated that the County Council, as the governing body of the county, provide by ordinance for the appointment of all agencies, boards and commissions whose appointment is not provided for by the general law or the Constitution. This section and §§ 153.16 through 153.20 are intended to provide for the structure, organization, composition, powers, duties, functions, appointment, terms of office and compensation of members of the Planning Commission in compliance with law.
(‘77 Code § 14-1) (Ord. 79, passed 2-2-81)
Statutory reference:
   Local planning, S.C. Code §§ 6-7-10 et seq.
   Crossroads of History Resource, Conservation and Development Authority created for this county and other counties, S.C. Code §§ 48-17-10 et seq.