(A)   Filing of application. Petitions for exemptions to the application of these procedures or waivers from specific impact fees shall be filed with the department, on a form provided by the department. The director shall process the petition for exemption within five business days and within ten business days for a waiver. Decisions of the director shall be final. The applicant may appeal an adverse decision to the County Manager in accordance with § 153.60.
   (B)   Effect of grant of exemption for affordable housing or waiver. If the director grants an exemption for affordable housing or a waiver, the amount of the impact fees exempted for affordable housing or waived shall be provided by the county or other appropriate service provider for the particular public facilities, from non-impact fee funds. The funds shall be deposited in the appropriate impact fee account.
   (C)   Timing of provision of waived or exempted for affordable housing impact fees. The provision of the amount of exempted or waived impact fees by the county or other appropriate service provider shall be made within a reasonable period of time, consistent with the applicable capital improvements program and the capital improvement plan for the public facility.
   (D)   Development agreements. Nothing herein shall be deemed to limit the county's authority and ability to enter into development agreements with applicants for new development which provide for payments in-lieu of impact fees.
(‘77 Code, § 14-37) (Ord. 7196, passed 12-16-96; Am. Ord. 605, passed 3-14-05; Am. Ord. 2718, passed 7-16-18)