A vested right pursuant to this subchapter or the Vested Rights Act, being S.C. Code § 6-29-1520 et seq., is not a personal right but attaches to and runs with the applicable real property. The landowner and all successors to the landowner who secure a vested right pursuant to the Vested Rights Act or this subchapter may rely upon and exercise the vested right for its duration, subject, however, to applicable federal, state and local laws adopted to protect public health, safety and welfare, including, but not limited to, building, fire, plumbing, electrical and mechanical codes and non-conforming structure and use regulations which do not provide for grandfathering of the vested right. Nothing contained herein shall preclude judicial determination that a vested right exists or does not exist pursuant to other statutory provisions.
(Ord. 2405, passed 6-6-05)