(A)   A vested right as defined herein is established for two years upon the approval of a site specific development plan.
   (B)   The vesting period or annual extension, applicable to such real property shall automatically expire at the end of the vesting period, or the annual extension thereof, if no proper written application is made by the landowner to the Planning Commission requesting an annual extension.
   (C)   The Planning Commission shall not provide for or approve the establishment of a two-year vested right in a conditionally approved site specific development plan. No two-year vested right is established in a conditionally approved site specific development plan until such vested right is specifically and expressly approved by the Planning Commission in writing when a site specific development plan is approved without conditions.
   (D)   The Planning Commission shall not approve the establishment of a vested right in an approved phased development plan but may approve and establish a vested right in any phase of a phased development plan which conforms to, complies with and satisfies all state statutes and county codes and ordinances including, but not limited to, planning, zoning, subdivisions, stormwater management and control, building, fire, water and sewer, road and other state and county codes applicable to such development.
   (E)   No vested right in a site specific development plan shall attach or be established until plan applications and required documents have been received, all required approvals have been given or granted, and all fees have been paid in accordance with the procedures outlined in this code. No vested right attaches or is established until a final decision has been rendered favorable to the applicant on all administrative appeals.
   (F)   The York County Zoning Board of Appeals is not authorized to grant or approve a vested right and no vested right shall be established, created or accrue as a result of any decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals.
(Ord. 2405, passed 6-6-05; Am. Ord. 3819, passed 9-3-19)