§ 155.510  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   APPROVAL AUTHORITY.  The York County Board of Zoning Appeals.  All appeals from decisions of the approval authority shall be to the circuit court.
   CAMOUFLAGE DESIGN. An innovative approach to hiding, blending or disguising communication towers such that the tower appears to be a tree, church steeple, architectural feature, extension of an existing high power transmission line, similar unobtrusive landscape feature, and/or locating the tower on a parcel of property so as to not be easily visible to neighboring residences, roadways, or other significant features.
    COMMUNICATION ANTENNA.  An antenna operated by a communications provider.  This definition does not include ground based receiving antennae up to five meters in diameter, including antennae less than one meter in diameter used for space-based services for residences, or antennae less than two meters in diameter used in non-residential areas for space-based services; or antennae legally operated by FCC-licensed amateurs.
   COMMUNICATIONS PROVIDER.  Any entity required to be licensed or whose over the air emissions are regulated by the FCC.
   COMMUNICATIONS TOWER or TOWER.  A structure more than 60 feet in height used primarily for the support of one or more antennae erected on the ground or a similar structure of up to 25 feet in height above the highest point on a physical structure.  The height of the tower must include any antenna that extends above the top of the tower.  This code does not apply to any tower less than 100 feet in height used solely to support antennae operated by a licensed amateur radio operator or to towers licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for radio and television broadcasts or to towers used by York County or its designee for county public service uses, including but not limited to public safety, firefighting, law enforcement, medical, emergency or 911 public service uses, and potentially used for any subsidiary commercial co-locator user designated by the county. 
(‘77 Code, § 19-225.1)  (Ord. passed 1-3-00; Am. Ord. 1401, passed 4-16-01; Am. Ord. 1104, passed 5-17-04)