Changes to the approved PD Plan shall comply with the following requirements.
   (A)   Minor Change.  The Planning and Development Services Director may authorize minor changes.  The term “minor changes” as used in this section is considered to represent changes that do not alter the overall characteristics of the total plan and that create no adverse impacts on adjacent uses or public services and facilities.  Minor changes include:
      (1)   Changes in location and type of landscaping and/or screening so long as the approved character and intent is maintained;
      (2)   Changes in the orientation of portions of parking areas so long as the effectiveness of the overall site circulation and parking is maintained; parking areas shall be relocated not closer than 20 feet to any residential structure or ten feet to any street or right-of-way lines; and the number of parking spaces shall not be reduced by the relocation;
      (3)   Changes in the location of sidewalks and pathways, provided that continuity of pedestrian circulation remains;
      (4)   The reorientation, but not complete relocation of structures;
      (5)   Changes that will not impact properties or uses outside of and adjacent to the PD; or
      (6)   Redesign of open space that does not decrease the recreational, buffering, or environmental benefits of the open space.
   (B)   Major change.
      (1)   All changes to the approved PD Plan not defined as minor changes in the preceding paragraphs shall be deemed “major” and shall be approved only by the County Council after review of a revised PD Plan and/or map.  Major changes include, but are not limited to:
         (a)   Change in the permitted uses;
         (b)   Increased overall impervious coverage or square footage of structures;
         (c)   Increased density or intensity of use;
         (d)   Increased demand for traffic circulation and public utilities;
         (e)   Decrease in public or private open space; or
         (f)   Increased numbers of dwellings.
      (2)   No amendments may be made in the approved PD Plan unless the applicant establishes that such amendments are required as a result of:
         (a)   Changes in conditions that occurred after Final Development Plan approval;
         (b)   Changes in the development policy of the community; or
         (c)   Conditions that were reasonably unforeseen at the time of Final Development Plan approval.
   (C)   Recording of changes and amendments. Any changes that are approved for the PD Plan shall be recorded as amendments to the previously recorded plan and/or plat.
(‘77 Code, § 19-118)  (Ord. passed 1-3-00; Am. Ord. 907, passed 6-18-07)