§ 155.205  PURPOSE.
   (A)   The Planned Development District provides flexibility in the development of land to:
      (1)   Achieve the goals and objectives of the comprehensive plan;
      (2)   Promote a compatible mix of uses that increases transportation choices and reduces travel demands;
      (3)   Improve the design, character and quality of new development;
      (4)   Protect and preserve natural resources and sensitive environmental features;
      (5)   Promote a mix of housing types and arrangements that respond to demographic needs;
      (6)   Minimize land use conflicts;
      (7)   Promote the fiscal health of York County;
      (8)   Facilitate the efficient provision of streets and utilities; and
      (9)   Preserve the natural and scenic features of open areas.
   (B)   PD zoning may be applied within any future land use category, provided that the overall project density or intensity of the proposed uses are consistent with the established future land use category and these regulations.
   (C)   PD zoning may be applied to any project consisting of at least 40 acres of contiguous land, provided that a lesser acreage may be approved if the York County Council finds that the proposed PD zoning would result in superior design to conventional zoning, a design that is compatible with existing and planned land uses within the PD and on adjacent properties.
   (D)   The PD regulations are intended to ensure that Small Mixed-Use Centers, Large Mixed-Use Centers and other Planned Developments (PD) contain a mix of commercial and residential uses and that these uses are appropriately served by an appropriate transportation network.
(‘77 Code, § 19-107)  (Ord. passed 1-3-00; Am. Ord. 907, passed 6-18-07)