The purpose of this chapter is to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the people of the city by establishing regulations for the installation and maintenance of landscaping according to recognized resource efficient principles, and to provide for the protection of existing vegetation, where appropriate. The regulations are intended to accomplish the following:
   A.   Enhance the aesthetics of the community;
   B.   Conserve water and other natural and energy resources by requiring the use of resource efficient guidelines and principles;
   C.   Provide environmental controls such as, but not limited to, the reduction of noise, dust and erosion;
   D.   Reduce air pollution by encouraging the use of vegetation for air filtration, absorption of carbon dioxide and production of oxygen;
   E.   Assist in ground water recharge;
   F.   Reduce visual pollution which might otherwise occur within a developed area;
   G.   Establish a greater sense of privacy from visual and physical intrusion; and
   H.   Encourage a balanced landscape approach with a variety of landscape materials. (Ord. 06-01, 1-25-2006)