In a recall election, if a majority of the votes cast on the question of removal of any members of Council are affirmative, the person whose removal is sought shall be deemed removed from office upon the announcement of the official canvass of that election. The Council vacancy caused by the recall election shall be filled by the remainder of the Council according to the provisions of Section 12 of this Charter. If, however, the recall of one or more members of Council would require a special election under the provisions of Section 12, candidates to succeed those recalled for their unexpired terms shall be voted upon at the same election, and shall be nominated according to the nominating procedure prescribed in Section 8 of this Charter, no later than the date stipulated in the Ohio Revised Code for local elections. Candidates shall not be nominated to succeed any particular member of Council; but, if only one member of Council is removed in a recall election, the candidate of such election having the highest number of votes shall be declared elected to fill the vacancy. If two Councilpersons are removed, the candidate receiving the second highest vote shall be declared to fill the second vacancy, and so on.
(11-6-90, 11-3-15.)