Within ten days of determining an initiative petition valid Council shall have a summary of the proposed ordinance published in a local newspaper or in a newspaper with general circulation in the Village or public media forum as allowed by Ohio law. At least three correct copies of the proposed ordinance, in the form in which it appears on the petition, shall be made available for public inspection at the office of the Village. The summary shall describe the proposed ordinance in brief and general terms and state that the initiative is available for public inspection at the office of the Village, together with the time and place when it will be considered further by the Council in public hearing. The publication shall be at least ten days prior to the time advertised for the public hearing. Not later than the second regular meeting following the public hearing, the Council shall either pass the proposed ordinance in its original form or take the action necessary to submit the initiative to a vote of the electors at the next regular election or a special election to be called at the discretion of the Council. Action shall be taken not fewer than thirty days following Council action. If approved by a majority of the electors voting, it shall be an ordinance of the Village, and shall take effect immediately unless another date is specified therein. No ordinance enacted by vote of the electors shall be amended or repealed by the Council in office at the time of the election enacting that ordinance.