The powers and duties of the Village Manager shall be: (1) to see that the laws and ordinances are enforced; (2) except as herein provided, to appoint and remove all subordinate officers and employees of the Village, all such actions to be upon merit and fitness alone; (3) to exercise control over all departments created by the Council; (4) to make engineering and other assistance available to the Planning Commission within the limits of appropriations and available funds; (5) to see that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Village or its inhabitants in any public utility franchise or other contract are faithfully kept and performed; (6) to attend all meetings of the Council with the right to take part in the discussions but not to vote; (7) to recommend to the Council for adoption such measures as may be deemed necessary or expedient; (8) to recommend to the Council annually repeal of obsolete legislative actions; (9) to keep the Council fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the Village; (10) to publish an annual report to the electorates in a form approved by Council; and (11) to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this Charter or be required by the Council.
(11-6-90, 11-6-07, 11-3-15.)