The Mayor shall meet the same qualifications as a member of Council and shall be nominated and elected for a term of two years, commencing with the November 1973 general election. The Mayor shall be recognized as the official head of the Village for all ceremonial purposes and by the Governor for military purposes. The Mayor shall have jurisdiction in criminal cases as provided by law. The Mayor may attend all meetings of the Council with the right to take part in the discussions but shall have no vote. During any temporary absence or disability of the Mayor, the Council may appoint an Acting Mayor. If the office of Mayor is vacated by death, resignation, permanent disability or otherwise, then the Council shall appoint for the unexpired term of the office of Mayor an Acting Mayor. The Acting Mayor must be a qualified elector of the Village and may be a member of Council. The Council shall set the compensation for the Mayor and Acting Mayor. A member of Council may be compensated for serving as Acting Mayor.