All executive and legislative powers of the Village and the determination of all matters of policy shall be vested in the Council. Without limitation of the foregoing and subject to provisions of this Charter, the Council shall have the power to: (1) appoint and remove the Village Manager; (2) establish, change, and abolish administrative departments and define their powers, duties, and responsibilities; (3) set compensation of officers and employees of the Village subject to right of appeal; (4) adopt the budget of the Village; (5) incur indebtedness and authorize the issuance of bonds and notes by ordinance; (6) enter into contracts and franchises; (7) inquire into the conduct of any agency of the Village and make investigations as to municipal affairs; (8) appoint the members of the Planning Commission and all other boards or commissions; (9) appoint the Solicitor, Treasurer, Clerk and other officers of the Village; (10) adopt, modify, and carry out map, plat, zoning, and other plans proposed by the Planning Commission; (11) provide for an independent audit; (12) accept gifts and grants; (13) publish an annual report to the electors prepared by the Manager.