Fee Schedule
The following amended fee schedule shall apply to non-governmental applications and appeals file pursuant to the regulations outlined in the Village's Zoning Code:
   a)   Zoning Permits
         a.   Fence/Accessory Structure Permit Application   $15.00
         b.   New Construction Permit
               i.   Single Family   $35.00
               ii.   Multi-family & Commercial   $35.00 +$10 per residential unit over 4 and/or 1,000 sq ft over 5,000 commercial.
         c.   Sign Permit   $15.00 per sign
         d.   Change of Use permit   $15.00
         e.   Transient Guest Lodging permit   $25.00
         f.   Demolition permit   $15.00
   b)   Planning Commission Applications
         a.   Planned Unit Development Application
               i.   Preliminary Plan Application   $150.00
               ii.   Final Plan Application   $75.00
         b.   Level B Plan Review Development Application   $100.00 + $500 Refundable deposit.
         c.   PUD or Level B Plan Re-application/Amendment   $50.00
         d.   Conditional Use Application   $100.00
         e.   Lot Subdivision (Not associated with dev plan or PUD)   $50.00 + $15 per lot
         f.   Map/Text Amendment Request   $200.00
   c)   Board of Zoning Appeals Applications
         a.   Variance Application Request   $100.00
         b.   Administrative Appeal   $100.00
   d)   Zoning Compliance permit   $15.00
   e)   Village Council Appeal from Planning or Board   $100.00*
   f)   Right-of-way Vacation Request   $50.00 (if petition as included)
      per Section 1224.03(a)
                     $100.00 (if no petition included)
   g)   Fine for starting work without obtaining a permit is 50% of the cost of the permit.
Additional fees may be collected in cases where recovery of incurred costs is necessary. Amendments to submitted plans requiring further review will be assessed such fees. The exact fee will be determined by the incurred cost of the review, the total of which will be passed on to the applicant.
*   According to Section 1276.03(b)(6) - $30.00 refunded if appeal affirmed
(Ord. 2015-05. Passed 5-4-15; Ord. 2017-47. Passed 12-18-17; Ord. 2020-34. Passed 11-16-20.)