1254.07   CHANGES TO PUD.
   Changes to an approved PUD shall be permitted only under the following circumstances:
   (a)   Notify Zoning Administrator.  The holder of an approved PUD final development plan shall notify the Zoning Administrator of any desired change to the approved PUD.
   (b)   Minor Change Determination. Minor changes may be approved by the Zoning Administrator upon determining that the proposed revision(s) will not alter the basic design and character of the PUD, nor any specified modifications imposed as part of the original approval.  Minor changes shall include the following:
      (1)   Reduction of the size of any building and/or sign;
      (2)   Movement of buildings and/or signs by no more than ten feet;
      (3)   Landscaping approved in the final development plan that is replaced by similar landscaping to an equal or greater extent;
      (4)   Changes in floor plans which do not alter the character of the use or increase the amount of required parking;
      (5)   Internal rearrangement of a parking lot that does not affect the number of parking spaces or alter access locations or design; or
      (6)   Changes required or requested by the Village or other county, state or federal regulatory agency in order to conform to other laws or regulations.
   (c)   Major Change Determination. A proposed change not determined by the Zoning Administrator to be minor shall be submitted as an amendment to the PUD and shall be processed in the same manner as the original PUD application for the final development plan.  While not required, the Planning Commission may elect to hold a public hearing in which case the notification requirements of Section 1280.03(e) shall be followed.
(Ord. 2013-19. Passed 9-16-13.)