(a)   “Corporation,” for purposes of this law, shall include any corporation, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, business trust, or limited liability company organized under the laws of any state of the United States or under the laws of any country, and any other business entity that possesses State-conferred limited liability attributes for its owners, directors, officers, and/or managers.
   2013 Replacement
   (b)   “Extraction” shall mean the digging or drilling of a well for the purposes of exploring for, developing or producing gas or oil or other hydrocarbons.
   (c)   “Extraction, Production and Delivery Infrastructures” shall mean, but not be limited to, pipelines, processing facilities, compressors, as well as anything used for storage or transportation of gas and oil extracted using extraction processes.
   (d)   “Individual” means any natural person.
   (e)   “Production Activities” shall include, but not be limited to, the siting of compressors; drill rigs; pipelines; waste water storage, treatment or processing facilities; temporary housing; and any extraction, production or delivery infrastructures related to or supporting extraction of gas and oil.
(Ord. 2012-17. Passed 10-1-12.)