Open Space Program
1222.01   Implementation of the Open Space Program.
1222.02   Acquisition of open space lands.
1222.03   Conservation easements; designation of holders and enforcers thereof.
1222.04   Preparation and purpose of conservation easements.
1222.05   Conveyance and recording of conservation easements.
1222.06   Disposition of lands subject to conservation easements.
1222.07   Cooperation with Tecumseh Land Trust.
   Conservation of natural areas and preserves - see Ohio R.C. 1517.01 et seq.
   Conservation of wildlife - see Ohio R.C. 1531.01 et seq.
   Conservation easements - see Ohio R.C. 5301.67 et seq.
   Land reutilization program - see Ohio R.C. 5722.01 et seq.
   Conservancy districts - see Ohio R.C. 6101.01 et seq.
   Conservation District - see P. & Z. Ch. 1244
   Common open space in planned unit development - see P. & Z. Ch. 1254