(a)   In case of any failure of the permittee's physical plant, whether due to damage, age, lack of maintenance or any other cause, the Municipality shall notify the permittee who shall, within the time stipulated by the Municipality, respond and repair such failed plant. Should the permittee fail to act as required, or in cases where protection of public safety requires an immediate response, the Municipality may take any required corrective action and recover the costs of same from the permittee by civil action or by certifying the amount to the County Auditor for collection with the permittee's personal property or real estate taxes. 
   (b)   The Village Manager shall give the permittee thirty days prior written notice of the Municipality's intent to revoke the permit under this section, stating the reasons for such action. If the permittee cures the stated reason within the thirty day notice period, or if the permittee initiates efforts satisfactory to the Municipality to remedy the stated violation, the Municipality shall not revoke the permit. If the permittee does not cure the stated violation or undertake efforts satisfactory to the Municipality to remedy the stated violation, then, after granting the permittee an opportunity to be heard in person or in writing, the Council may revoke the permit. 
   (c)   In the event the permit is revoked, all facilities located in the rights-of-way or located upon public property shall be removed from the streets and public places of the Municipality at the sole expense of the permittee. 
(Ord. 97-01.  Passed 1-21-97.)