(a)   In the event that any non-residential permittee intends to discontinue use of any facilities within the rights-of-way, such permittee shall submit a notice to the Village Manager describing the portion of the facilities to be discontinued and the date of discontinuance, which date shall not be less than thirty days from the date such notice is submitted to the Village Manager. The permittee may not remove, destroy or permanently disable any such facilities after such notice without the written approval of the Village Manager. The permittee shall remove and secure such facilities as set forth in the notice unless directed by the Village Manager to abandon such facilities in place. 
   (b)   Upon such abandonment and acceptance by the Municipality in writing, full title and ownership of such abandoned facilities shall pass to the Municipality without the need to pay compensation to the permittee. The permittee shall, however, continue to be responsible for all taxes on such facilities or other liabilities associated therewith, until the date the same was accepted by the Municipality. 
(Ord. 97-01.  Passed 1-21-97.)