(a)   As set forth in various sections of this chapter, the Village Manager may promulgate regulations, as the Village Manager deems appropriate from time to time, to carry out the express purposes and intent of this chapter, and such regulations shall be consistent therewith. Such regulations shall not materially increase the obligations of any permittee, provided, however, that increases in any fees set forth in such regulations shall not be construed to be a material increase in any permittee's obligations as used herein. 
   (b)   Such regulations shall be promulgated by the Village Manager by filing the same in proposed form with the Clerk of Council. Each non-residential permittee shall be served with a copy of the proposed regulations by regular U.S. mail, provided, however, that any failure of any permittee to actually receive such notice shall not in any way affect the validity or enforceability of any regulations. Any person, including any permittee, may file specific written comments or objections on the proposed Regulations within a thirty-day period thereafter (hereinafter: “comment period”). To the extent that any regulations are objected to by any non-residential permittee, the objected to regulations shall become effective only upon the affirmative vote of Council. To the extent that no permittee objects to the proposed regulations, the same shall become effective thirty days after the end of the comment period (or such longer period as determined by Council), unless modified or rejected by Council. 
   (c)   Council may adopt emergency regulations to be immediately effective when it determines the same to be appropriate or required by the public health, safety or welfare.
(Ord. 97-01.  Passed 1-21-97.)