(a)   Franchise permits shall be granted to all persons holding a valid franchise and shall be effective for so long as such franchise is valid and the permittee complies with the provisions of such permit and this chapter. 
   (b)   General and special permits shall be granted to persons based upon a determination that the following criteria are met: 
      (1)   The granting of the permit will contribute to the public health, safety or welfare in the Municipality; 
      (2)   The granting of the permit will be consistent with the policy of the Municipality as set forth in Section 1021.01(f).
      (3)   The permittee has and will continue to have liability insurance, which names the Municipality as an additional insured, in effect in such amounts and for such liability as the regulations require;
      (4)   That the applicant is a proper person to hold a permit and will fulfill all its obligations hereunder; and
      (5)   In the case of OVS operators, they have made the required commitment and arrangement for paying fees in lieu of franchise fees charged to other providers of video services.
   (c)   Residential permits shall be granted if not inconsistent with the public health, safety and welfare.
(Ord. 97-01.  Passed 1-21-97.)