(a)   The following types of permits are available: 
      (1)   Franchise permit: A permit granted to holders of a valid franchise; 
      (2)   General permit: A permit granted to persons who do not hold a franchise but who desire and are granted authority to utilize rights-of-way generally, provided, however, that nothing in this chapter or in any general permit shall be construed to authorize the permittee to provide any utility, cable television, communications or other services for which the Municipality may lawfully require a franchise;
      (3)   Special permit: A permit granted to persons for a specific, limited use of the rights-of-way or a specific portion thereof; and
      (4)   Residential permit: A permit granted to an adjacent or proximate residential landowner to occupy or use a portion of the right-of-way for residential related purposes.
   (b)   Any such permit may also allow the use of specified public property for the uses set forth herein and therein.
   (c)   All permits shall specify the use or uses for which such permits are granted and contain such other non-discriminatory terms and conditions as are appropriate and as are set forth in the regulations. 
   (d)   Permits and the rights of permittees thereunder are not transferable without the express written approval of the Municipality. 
(Ord. 97-01.  Passed 1-21-97.)