§ 242.03  FUNCTIONS.
   (a)   Powers and Duties.  The Fire Division, under the supervision and direction of the Fire Chief, shall perform the following functions:
      (1)   Fire Services:  The Fire Division shall be responsible for the protection of the lives and property of the people of the City in case of fire, shall investigate the causes of fires and existing fire hazards within the City, and shall endeavor to prevent fires by education and other such methods as may be possible.
      (2)   EMS Services:  The Fire Division shall be the primary provider of emergency medical services (EMS), ambulance services and rescue services in the City.
   (b)   Additional Powers and Duties.  The Fire Division may also perform any other functions consistent with fire protection, fire suppression and prevention, and the provision of emergency medical services as may be necessary or as the City Council, Public Safety Director, City ordinances or State law may designate.
(1964 Code 125.03; Ord. 2019-19. Passed 09/26/19)