1062.01   Vandalism
1062.02   Littering; Dumping
1062.03   Firearms, Fireworks, Explosives and Archery Equipment
1062.04   Indecent Conduct and Exposure
1062.05   Disorderly Conduct
1062.06   Compliance with Lawful Orders
1062.07   Camping; Abandonment of Property
1062.08   Fires
1062.09   Remaining in Parks After Closing; Posting of Hours
1062.10   Hunting and Fishing
1062.11   Dogs and Cats; Releasing of Wild or Exotic Animals
1062.12   Horseback Riding
1062.13   Swimming and Wading
1062.14   Powered Models; Radios; Noise- Making Devices
1062.15   Go-Karts, ATVs and Other Nonregistered Motor Vehicles
1062.16   Traffic and Motor Vehicle Regulations
1062.17   Construction of Blinds, Stands or Observation Posts
1062.18   Use of Bikeways, Transportation Trails and Linear Parks
1062.19   Watercraft and Flotation Devices
1062.20   Conduct in Parks and at City Sports Programs
1062.21   Special Event Permits
1062.98   Enforcement
1062.99   Penalty
   Littering in Parks - see GEN. OFF. 660.03
   Parks and Recreation Department - see ADM. Ch. 248