In excavating for service connections, the street must be opened in such a manner as to cause the least inconvenience to the public, and a free passage of water into the gutters shall be provided.  No excavation in any street or public place shall be left open overnight without a proper barricade and red or amber lights, so set as to warn pedestrians or travelers, and public sales shall, in all cases, be protected.  All ditches shall be properly filled, and when excavation is made in a paved street, it shall be the duty of the Division of Water and Wastewater to report the opening to the City Manager, whose duty it will be to replace the paved surface as other street repairs are made.  The work of refilling trenches and resurfacing streets over same shall be governed by Chapter 1020 and other municipal law, now in force or hereafter adopted from time to time, affecting such work.
(Ord. 63-10, passed 2-14-1963)