(a)   This chapter shall be applicable to all cable franchises issued by the city, whether or not such franchises were issued prior to the effective date of this chapter, to the full extent permitted by state and federal law.
   (b)   In the event a franchisee’s performance of any of the terms, conditions, provisions or obligations required by this chapter or a franchise granted hereunder is prevented by acts of God, strikes, sabotage, riots, civil disturbances, intentional or negligent interference or plant cuts by other cable service providers or utilities, or by restraints imposed by order of a government agency or court, or by failure by a government agency to act, or by inclement weather, explosion, acts of public enemies and natural disasters such as floods and fires, such inability to perform shall be deemed excused and no penalties or sanctions shall be imposed as a result thereof.
(Ord. 97-2, passed 1-9-1997)