(a)   The city shall have the following regulatory responsibility and authority:
      (1)   Administration and enforcement of the provisions of this chapter and any franchise granted or franchise agreement entered into hereunder;
      (2)   Award, renewal, extension or termination of a franchise pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, a franchise agreement or other applicable law;
      (3)   Consent prior to transfer of any franchise granted by the city;
      (4)   Performance evaluation;
      (5)   Rate regulation to the full extent permitted by law;
      (6)   Enforcement of customer service standards, consumer protection laws, public health and safety requirements and other police powers to the full extent permitted by law; and
      (7)   Any other police or regulatory authority permitted by law.
   (b)   The city reserves the right to perform the following functions:
      (1)   Develop objectives and coordinate activities relating to, and administer the operation of, government channels;
      (2)   Approve procedures and standards for public, educational and governmental access channels, operations and services, including the use of dedicated channels and sharing of public facilities;
      (3)   Coordinate plans and cable system interconnection;
      (4)   Analyze the possibility of integrating cable communications with other city, state or regional telecommunication networks;
      (5)   Formulate and recommend long-range telecommunication policy for the city, and determine the future cable-related needs and interests of the community;
      (6)   Provide the administrative support and effort necessary for the conduct of performance evaluations and any other activities required for the administration of the franchise;
      (7)   Monitor a franchisee’s process for handling citizen complaints and periodically inspect and analyze the records relating to such complaints;
      (8)   Monitor a franchisee’s adherence to operational standards, service requirements and line extension policies;
      (9)   Assure compliance with applicable laws and ordinances;
      (10)   Arrange tests and analyses of equipment and performance, as reasonably needed to ensure compliance with this chapter and a franchise agreement;
      (11)   Assume continuity in service;
      (12)   Receive and examine all data and reports required by this chapter or a franchise agreement; and
      (13)   Any other functions permitted by this chapter, a franchise agreement or other applicable law.
(Ord. 97-2, passed 1-9-1997)