(a)   The following minimum requirements for facilities and services apply to all franchises granted by the city.  The city may require in a franchise agreement that a franchisee exceed these minimum requirements where it determines, under circumstances existing at the time of the application, that the additional requirements are necessary to meet public needs.
      (1)   Any cable system constructed, upgraded or reconstructed after the effective date of this chapter shall, at a minimum, be able to pass frequencies of up to 550 MHz and have a minimum capacity of at least 60 activated video channels of programming to subscribers for immediate or potential use, and shall have two-way capability.  A franchise agreement may provide for a larger minimum channel capacity requirement.
      (2)   The city may require that a franchisee provide access channels for public, educational and/or governmental use.
      (3)   A franchisee may be required to extend its facilities and provide cable service without charge to all facilities within the city passed by the cable system that are owned or predominantly occupied by the city or an educational institution and devoted to predominantly educational or governmental use.  Such cable service shall include the installation and maintenance, without charge, of a single drop extending to each building selected by the city or the educational institution, and the provision of all tiered video services, without charge, available over the cable system with the exception of optionally charged per-channel or per-program services.
      (4)   A franchisee shall design its system to allow the city to interrupt cable service in an emergency to deliver necessary information to subscribers.
      (5)   A franchisee shall make available to its qualifying subscribers equipment capable of decoding closed circuit captioning information for the hearing impaired.
      (6)   Standard installation shall consist of a drop, not exceeding 150 feet, to a subscriber’s residence or place of commerce.  A franchisee shall be required to extend its lines to reach unserved potential subscribers in accordance with the provisions of a franchise agreement or this chapter.  A franchisee may charge for nonstandard extension of the system and subscriber drops in accordance with its current rate schedule.
   (b)   Unless a franchise agreement provides otherwise, a franchisee shall make cable service available to every dwelling within the franchisee’s service area.
(Ord. 97-2, passed 1-9-1997)