(a)   A written application shall be made with the city for a grant of a new franchise (to include that information required by §§ 808.09 and 808.10); a renewal of a franchise (to include that information required by § 808.25); modification of a franchise agreement (to include that information required by § 808.11); a transfer of the franchise (to include that information required by § 808.26); or any other relief from the city pursuant to this chapter or a franchise agreement.
   (b)   To be acceptable for filing, a signed original of the application shall be submitted, together with five copies, accompanied by the required application filing fee as set forth in subsection (d) hereof, and shall contain all required information.  All applications shall include the names and addresses of persons authorized to act on behalf of the applicant with respect to the application.
   (c)   All applications accepted for filing shall be made available by the city for public inspection.
   (d)   To be acceptable for filing, an application shall be accompanied by a filing fee as set forth in the fee schedule in Part Two - Title Twelve, Chapter 298 of these Codified Ordinances.  The fee is set by ordinance.  The purpose of the filing fee is to defray a portion of the city’s cost in processing an application.  The filing fee is therefore intended to be a charge incidental to awarding or enforcing a franchise within the meaning of § 622(g)(2)(d) of the Cable Act, 47 U.S.C. § 542(g)(2)(d) and may not be deducted from the franchise fee imposed pursuant to § 808.18, but may be passed through to subscribers if permitted by law.
(Ord. 97-2, passed 1-9-1997)