(a)   The City of Xenia, pursuant to law, is authorized to grant one or more non-exclusive franchises to construct, operate, maintain and reconstruct cable systems within the city limits.
   (b)   The Council finds that the development of cable systems has the potential of having great benefit for, and impact upon, the residents of Xenia. Because of the complex and rapidly changing technology associated with cable systems, the Council further finds that the public convenience, safety and general welfare can best be served by establishing regulatory powers which should be vested in the city or in such persons as the city may designate.
   (c)   Recognizing the continuing development of communications technology and uses, it is the policy of the city to encourage experimentation and innovation in the development of cable system uses, services, programming and techniques that will be of general benefit to the community to the extent that all such experiments and innovations are not prohibited by law.
(Ord. 97-2, passed 1-9-1997)