(a)   Smoking is permitted in the following places within the city:
      (1)   Unenclosed areas;
      (2)   Hotels and motels, except in no smoking areas;
      (3)   Retail stores;
      (4)   Business establishments not named in § 622.03, except in certain office workplaces;
      (5)   Office waiting rooms, except in designated no smoking areas;
      (6)   Restaurants with seating capacities of less than 50;
      (7)   Lobbies of financial institutions;
      (8)   Bowling alleys;
      (9)   Places licensed by the State Department of Liquor Control to sell intoxicating beverages for consumption on the premises;
      (10)   Private homes which serve as office workplaces;
      (11)   Property owned or leased by federal government entities;
      (12)   Private, enclosed office workplaces occupied exclusively by smokers, even though such office workplaces may be visited by nonsmokers; and
      (13)   Other places and areas not set forth in §§ 622.03 and 622.06.
   (b)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 85-75, passed 10-24-1985)