The Community Relations Commission shall have the following duties and responsibilities.
   (a)   To promote mutual understanding and respect among all racial, religious and nationality groups and to work to discourage and prevent discriminatory practices against any such group by recommending various programs, policies or legislation to the City Council or other appropriate agency for further action.
   (b)   To disseminate information and educational materials and reports which will assist in the elimination of prejudice, intolerance, intergroup tensions and discrimination or which will promote programs of community education and information with the object of promoting better human relations.
   (c)   To gather information regarding specific situations arising between groups or individuals involving discrimination prohibited by these Codified Ordinances and to report the same to the City Council with recommendations for corrective action.
   (d)   To assist various groups and agencies of the community and to cooperate in educational campaigns devoted to the elimination of group prejudices, racial or area tensions, intolerance and discrimination.
   (e)   To cooperate with city, township, county, federal, state and other agencies in order to promote better human relations.
   (f)   To aid in seeing that no person is deprived of equal services by reason of discrimination on account of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, handicap, age, ancestry or HIV-positive status.
   (g)   To recommend to the City Council such legislation as may be deemed appropriate and necessary to promote harmony in the area of human relationships.
   (h)   To prepare periodically, but at least annually, for the City Council or the City Manager, as may be appropriate, reports and recommendations as to corrective or ameliorating actions the Commission may deem appropriate in furtherance of the goal as stated.  Special reports and recommendations may be prepared and rendered when deemed warranted by the Community Relations Commission or when requested by the City Council or the City Manager.
   (i)   To refer parties, where appropriate, to the City of Xenia Citizens Conflict Resolution Program, to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission or to any other appropriate agency.
   (j)   To uphold the policies of the city as regards discriminatory practices.
   (k)   To provide services to Xenia’s youth through programs, recognition, information or other programs designed to instill leadership and community involvement.
(Ord. 99-25, passed 7-8-1999)