(a)   A Community Relations Commission is hereby established, which shall consist of five members, residents of the city, appointed by the City Council.  The five members shall be appointed for four-year terms.  In the event of death or resignation of any member, his or her successor shall be appointed to serve for the unexpired period of the term for which such member had been appointed.  In addition to the five Commission members, the President of City Council shall recommend, and the City Council shall appoint, a member of City Council to chair the Commission.  The term of the City Council Chairperson appointed to chair the Commission shall be one year.
   (b)   The Community Relations Commission shall hold such meetings as it may require to conduct its business.  The Chairperson of the Commission shall establish an agenda for the Commission meetings and shall have no voting privileges, except in the event of a tie.  Three voting members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.  A majority vote of the total membership is required to approve or disapprove any matter coming before the Commission.  A Vice-Chairperson of the Commission shall be elected by a majority vote of its members at the first regularly scheduled meeting in January of each year.  During the absence of the City Council Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall fulfill the duties of the City Council Chairperson.  All meetings and records shall be open to the public.  The City Manager shall designate a staff member to serve as Secretary of the Commission and shall provide such administrative support as may be required.
(Ord. 99-25, passed 7-8-1999; Am. Ord. 02-01, passed 1-24-2002)