This Code of Conduct is in addition to guidelines in the Employees Benefit Manual, which applies to all employees:
   (a)   Gambling.  Gambling of any kind, including office pools, in or on the premises of any municipal property, is prohibited and will not be condoned.  No appointed official will participate in gambling with any subordinate City employee.  The use of City equipment, including telephones and computers, to conduct gambling activities is prohibited.
   (b)   Personal appearance.  The City requires that all appointed officials present a favorable public image, which includes wearing appropriate business attire and good grooming.
   (c)   Smoking/Tobacco Use.  The City of Xenia has established and maintains a healthful work environment.  In order to accomplish this objective, all appointed officials are prohibited from the use of tobacco products while on duty.  The use of tobacco products is banned on all municipal property which includes buildings, grounds, parks, and the like.
(EDITOR'S NOTE:  This policy was enacted by Resolution 08-D, passed on 02/14/08.  Although not a law of the City, it is provided here for reference)