§ 260.18  BONDS.
   (a)   All officers and employees of the City shall give a surety bond for the faithful performance of their respective duties in the sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) each. A blanket surety bond shall be contracted for by the Finance Director.  When equivalent coverage is obtained for all officers and employees through the city's general liability insurance policy, this requirement for a surety bond shall be waived.
   (b)   The Clerk, the Bailiff and the Deputy Bailiff of the Municipal Court are required by ORC 1901.31 and 1901.32 to give an individual bond.
   (c)   The Finance Director of the City shall give an individual surety bond for faithful performance in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00).
   (d)   It shall be the duty of the Finance Director to procure the blanket surety bond and other bonds required by this section and to pay the premiums on such bonds out of the City Treasury.
(Ord. 88-84. Passed 08/25/88; Ord. 14-42. Passed 10/09/14)