(a)    There is hereby established within the Department of Public Service, a Division of Utilities Management, which shall be under the direction and control of the City Manager, and is administered by the Utilities Manager.
   (b)   The Utilities Manager shall oversee the general operations of the water and wastewater treatment functions, maintaining accurate records and ensuring compliance of said operations with state and federal environmental and safety requirements.  The Utilities Manager shall participate in the capital planning functions related to all water and wastewater treatment functions, providing plans for recommended improvement programs; shall oversee matters pertaining to landfill post-closure mitigation needs and industrial pre-treatment programs; shall advise council and city officials on all matters related to local utilities functions referred to him or her; and shall perform such duties as are provided by law or ordinance, and in addition thereto, such other duties as from time to time may be imposed upon him or her, by the Public Service Director.
(Ord. 09-16, passed 4-9-2009)